Talk at The Celabration

On Feb 17 I was honored to speak briefly at The Celebration here in Santa Fe.  The talk was about my Deceased Portrait series and was warmly and graciously received.  What a great service this community is providing to Santa Fe by encouraging discussion from so many different topics .  Thank you all for your invitation, attention and curiosity. 

Please go to the attached link for a podcast of the talk or to view the other great talks given at The Celebration.


Healthcare Portraits: Art Talk

This coming Sunday at the Center for Contemporary Arts I will be giving a presentation of my artwork on healthcare. It will be a retrospective of all the work I have done over the past few years with a focus on the Healthcare Portrait series.  If you are in Santa Fe on Sunday please drop by for the talk and discussion to follow.

Giving this talk is a dream of mine.  Sharing this work and peoples stories with a larger audience in the hopes of starting a new discussion about healthcare is something I have thought about and worked on for many years.  My hope is that this work will move the discussion away from the dualism, rancor and focus on cost that dominates the current discourse of healthcare and begin to open people's hearts to new realities and perspectives of peoples experiences with illness.  My hope is that we can move for forward together with empathy.


CCA art talk flier.png

April 13 2018 - CME Artist Discussion in Spokane

Back at the beginning of March I was invited to do an artist discussion at Committee Minded Enterprises in Spokane WA.   We talked about the Healthcare Portraits and healthcare in general as well as shared some of our own personal stories with heathcare.  The discussion was vulnerable and thought provoking.  Thank you all who attended.  And thank the production team for doing such a great job putting the video together. 

For more information on CME please read below or visit the CME web page for more information

We are based in Spokane, where we carry out our mission to empower communities to improve long term well-being through outreach, access and training. 

We focus on connecting you with the services you need, and making sure your voice is heard by program providers on a regional and state level. 

We lead statewide outreach to low-income, multi-ethnic and marginalized communities, through partnerships and direct communication. We work with individuals like yourself in a variety of innovative programs, to help you overcome barriers that stand between you and your ability to reach your full potential.

And we give the community a voice through digital media at Community-Minded Television (CMTV14).